Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Product Review: Makeup Forever Moulin Rouge Collection Rouge Lipstick.

First off let me say these two things:  1. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and 2. I am SO SORRY for my lapse in posting!  I know I just started this thing but the holidays zapped any free time I had!  It (hopefully) won't happen again, lovelies!

Now, on to the task at hand.  The first time I heard about the brand Makeup Forever was when the lovely (no pun intended) Miss Courtney Love was talking about it on Twitter.  She used the makeup and the company's artists exclusively in the early stages of promotion for Hole's AMAZING 2010 album Nobody's Daughter.

The two videos above demonstrate both the makeup artist and Courtney creating absorbingly fantastical looks with this stuff.  I HAD to try it! Unfortunately for me, money and time were tight and so I had to rest my laurels until one sweet day the opportunity would arise where I could get my greedy little mitts on it.  That time was yesterday afternoon.

My mom told me she wanted to take me shopping and asked me where did I want to go.  The obvious choice was Sephora (and the MAC store but that is another post for another day, my dears).  My usual points of interest in that store are the good old stand-bys: Urban Decay, Buxom, Harajuku Lover - you know the gamut.  But when I walked in that store the first thing I saw was Makeup Forever and I got excited.  VERY excited.

One thing that you will come to learn about this blogger is this: I love red lipstick.  To me, it is the ultimate in makeup.  If you take the time everyone can find a shade of red that is complementarity to their colour and personal style.  I happen to be very pale (my Irish blood will never deceive me) and I have light hair and light blue eyes.  I love for it to pop on my skin and bright reds do that for me.  When I went over to the display the first thing I saw was the wonderful and luscious Moulin Rouge collection.  Not only did I love it right off the bat because of the wonderful images it stirred in my head (luscious France, Burlesque, the AMAZING movie) but everything was red.  Not only is red my favorite lipstick colour, it's one of my favorite colours period.  Red lipsticks and glosses and red gemstones and sparkling eye lashes - it was rich and lovely and luxurious.  The only thing I ended up buying was the lipstick from that collection (I bought more products from the complete line itself - but again - another post for another day) and based on it's performance it is worth it's $19 price tag.  The reason why?  It never faded.  

You're probably thinking I'm exaggerating but truly I'm not.  I put it to the test when mom and I were eating dinner.  Up until then it had stayed perfectly put.  No traveling (even without a lip liner!), no feathering, no flaking.  It stayed perfectly creamy and rich on my lips.  The real test was when we ate dinner.  When I checked my mouth after dinner I was shocked.  Sure the some of the lipstick itself wore off like any would when you're doing these activities but it had stained my lips so well and clung to them that, unless you looked really close, you couldn't tell.  And if you have any worries about getting this lipstick off at the end of the day don't.  It comes off easily with any good quality makeup remover. 

All in short: I think I'm in love.